Friday, August 21, 2015

Welcome to my Life

I think I'll start using this blog again. Welcome to my life! I'll write about work, family, and my life adventures. Right now I am an Analyst at a technology corporation. I have a first grader and a one year old. I am working toward a certificate in medical coding, and I'll probably post updates here about that as well. I may also review products from time to time and share my kids videos as well.

Check back soon for a real blog post!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Audrey Rewrites: Little Red Riding Hood

After watching "How-to with Annika", Audrey and I decided to create a video of our own. I let her choose a story to perform, and she picked "Little Red Riding Hood." However, her version of the story varied from the traditional version by the time she was done, so we decided "Audrey Rewrites..." would be more appropriate than "Audrey Performs..."

Check out Audrey's version of Little Red Riding Hood below, where Little Red herself is the wolf slayer and there are multiple wolves to battle in granny's house!


Welcome to my newest adventure in blogland. I have quite a few, but this one is especially for stories from my life and my little family. Enjoy!